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 Sunday, May 19th

  Soldiers' 155th Anniversary  Speaker: Mayor Al Heggins

 Tuesday, May 21st                    Bible Study   6:00pm
 Wednesday, May 22nd                    Meals-on-Wheels Ministry   10:15am
 Saturday, May 25th WNCC Lay Council Meeting  10 am  @  Goler Metroplitan, Winston Salem
 Saturday, May 25th    Benefit Fundraiser for Rev. R. Cornelius   4:00pm  @  Sills Creek
 Sunday, May 26th  SDEvangelistic Committee "GOSPEL FEST"  3pm  @ Varick Auditorum
 Monday, May 27th                                  Happy MEMORIAL DAY
 Monday, June 3rd                      Rowan Helping Ministries Ministry
 Tuesday, June 4th                      Bible Study  6:00pm
 Wednesday, June 5th                Board of Trustees Meeting    6:30pm
 June 11th - 16th         129th WNC Annual Conference  @ Koury Convention Ctr    
 Sunday, June 16th                                Happy Father's Day
 June 24th - 28th  F.A.C.T.  Reading, Science & Creative Expressions Camp  @  First Calvary

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