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*Evangelism Workshop  Wednesday 18th  @  6:00pm


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2019-2020 Calendar

​​September 17th-19th


*Evangelism Workshop ~ Wednesday, September 18th @ 6pm

 Sunday, September 15th              Soldiers Friends & Family Day     9:45am & 11:00am
Tues-Thurs,  Sept. 17th--19th                   Soldiers Fall Revival   7:00pm nightly
 Wednesday, September 18th                   Evangelism Workshop  6:00pm
 Friday, September 20th     Livingstone College Fall Convocation   10:00am
 Saturday, September 21th                    Soldiers Men's Boosters Ministry Mtg    9:30am
 Sunday, September 22nd

    Christian Education Sunday

    Global Mission Sunday  /  International Day of Prayer

              Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. D.B. Cannon

 Sunday, September 22nd  F.A.C.T. "The Fall Learning Experience  3pm @ New Hope AMEZ
 Wednesday, September 25th                   Meals on Wheels Missionary   10:00am   
 Saturday, September 28th       WNCC Lay Council Meeting
 Sunday, September 29th     SD Fifth Sunday Fellowship   3:00pm   @   Soldiers   
 Sunday, October 6th

    Clergy Appreciation Sunday  /  Varick Sunday

 Sunday, October 6th                  Lay Day Celebration & Talent Hour   3:00pm
 October 8th-11th  Piedmont Leadership Training Institute @ Four Seasons, Gboro
 Saturday, October 26th

  AARP & FACT Intergenerational Financial/Health Conference   

    8:00am-12:30pm  @ Soldiers

Soldiers Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church