Monthly Church Ministries
Women's Fellowship Ministry
Men's Boosters Ministry
Liturgical Dance Ministry

​MIME Ministry

​Sign Language Ministry
Rowan Helping Ministry
Prison Ministry  

​F.A.C.T. Ministry

One Church One Child

Presiding Elder

The Reverend Dr. Grant Harrison, Jr. 

Local Preacher:
Bro. R. Derrick Nichols

Missionary Supervisor

Mrs. Iris M. Battle

      Presiding Prelate Piedmont Episcopal District

     The Right Reverend George E. Battle, Jr.

The Reverend Dr. Derrick R. Anderson

Local Deacon:
The Reverend Mary S. Hardin

306 N. Church Street     Salisbury, N.C.  28144      704.636.7391​
Email:  SoldiersMemorial@bellsouth.net 
Pastor:  nohsur69@gmail.com
  Website: https://site.soldiersmemorial.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoldiersMemorial
Salisbury District Website:  https://www.sdwnccAMEZ.org

Associate Ministers:
The Reverend Margaret R. Anderson
The Reverend J. Frances King
The Reverend Dr. Ethel Bamberg-Revis

Our doors are always open!  Please join us for our weekly worship services.

9:45 am Sunday School
     11:00 am Worship Service

     6:00 pm Bible Study

Soldiers Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church